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This framework is based around early childcare education and the emotional development in children, at the very heart of Robyn’s philosophy is the acknowledgement that every child is unique, and brings to the world their own set of strengths and challenges.  Robyn’s approach is to work collaboratively with parents, carers and the child to maximise their true potential.

Products and services

Through evidence-based strategies, we seek to foster each child’s cognitive abilities, emotional resilience, sense of stability and motivation. Designed by a child psychologist, the centre places particular emphasis on assisting children to maximise their true potential via:

  • Extension of their gifts and talents.
  • Assistance with building cognitive abilities.
  • Building confidence & motivation to learn.
  • Responding to your child’s developmental needs.
  • Raising emotionally intelligent children.
  • Acknowledging desirable behavior.
  • Equipping parents with behaviour management programs.
  • Managing parenting challenges.
  • Pulling it all together – your bag of tricks.
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